Frogbit – Height 5cm, flowers Jul-Aug. Leaves float on the water surface. Listed as a Vulnerable species.


Rigid Hornwort – A floating plant (no roots). Helps keep water clear of blue-green algae and cyanobacteria.

Rigid Hornwort

Lesser Water Plantain – Height 10-20cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Classified as Vulnerable/ Near Threatened.

Lesser Water Plantain

Pillwort – Height up to 20cm. UK’s only aquatic fern. Prefers pond margins.


Water Cress – Height up to 15cm. Used to be common in River Wandle around Morden and Mitcham and harvested for sale locally and in London.

Water Cress

Water Crowfoot – Height 10-50cm, flowers May-Sep. Common throughout the UK. Member of the buttercup family.

Water Crowfoot

Water Violet – Height up to 80cm, flowers May-Jun (white or pale pink). A species of water primrose. Leaves on/under water with only the flower rising above the surface. Listed as a Vulnerable species.

Water Violet