Welcome to the Alric Avenue Allotments Association

The Alric Avenue Allotments are on a 10 acre site just a few minutes walk from New Malden station and the High Street.  We have 140 full plots (some sub-divided) of the standard 10 rod size (approx. 250m2) and a total membership of about 150.

The site was sold to the Malden & Coombe Council in 1922 by the sons of the Duke of Cambridge with the proviso that the land is only used for allotment gardening in perpetuity.  Following council boundary changes in the past the site is now owned by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

The site was managed by the Council until 1982 when the Alric Avenue Allotments Association was set up and took over the management, paying an annual rent to the Council and from then on controlling the day to day running of the site.


We are situated between Alric, Rosebery and Cambridge Avenues and the New Malden Golf Course to the east.  Site entrances are in Alric and Cambridge Avenues.

This video clip gives a better idea of the size of the site.