The current rent for a full plot (10 rods, approx. 250m2) for one year is £80.  Half plots and quarter plots cost £40 and £20 respectively. This covers the cost of renting the site from the Council, general maintenance, water bills etc. Donations towards the improvement of the communal areas including the Nature Reserve are welcome.

We want plots to be actively used and so we carry out several site inspections during the year.  Those failing to keep their plots used and maintained are challenged.  We have a waiting list of people who would love a plot and so try we try to ensure that they are all being effectively used.

Our waiting list is currently CLOSED. We try to keep it limited to an estimated maximum of 3 years waiting time for several reasons. Please check back here now and again in future months. Plots only become available when current members give up their plots or downsize and we cannot predict when that may happen.