The site was originally formed from part of the vast estate of a former Duke of Cambridge whose name is commemorated by the tree lined avenue to the north of the site. The Cambridge Estate, as it was known for hundreds of years, originally occupied the area bounded to the north by Richmond Park, to the west by the eastern aspect of the ancient town of Kingston-upon-Thames, and to the south by the original settlement of Maeldune (Malden), now known as Old Malden. The Eastern boundary of the Cambridge Estate linked with that of another titled landowner and now forms part of the suburban town of Wimbledon.

In the early years of the 20th century the Estate began to be sold off for housing and other development by builders, farmers, and the emerging local authorities. The land which now forms the Allotment site was sold to the people of New Malden in 1922 to be used for gardening purposes, the stewardship of the land being vested in what was then known as the Borough of Malden and Combe. Subsequent political rearrangements did away with many of what used to be known as ‘local boroughs’ and they were all amalgamated into what today is known as the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames.

Map of site from the original sale of land document