Bluebell (English) – Height up to 1.2m, flowers May-Jul. Attracts pollinating insects. This is the native English bluebell, not the larger Spanish variety which is often sold in shops.

Bluebell (English)

Blue Cornflower – Height 40-90cm, flowers Aug-Sep. A good source of nectar for insects and seeds for birds.

Blue Cornflower

Chicory – Height up to 1m, flowers Jun-Sep. Roots used as a coffee substitute particularly in France.


Columbine – Height 60-90cm, flowers May-Jul. In medieval times it was thought to be eaten by lions, hence eating it would give you lion’s courage. Also called Granny’s Bonnet or Granny’s Nightcap.


Viper’s Bugloss – Height 30-100cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Was used as anti-venom from bites by the spotted viper. Popular with bees and Painted Lady butterflies.

Viper’s Bugloss

Water Forget-Me-Not – Height 15-30cm, flowers May-Sep. Likes wet areas near streams and ponds.

Water Forget-Me-Not

Wood Forget-Me-Not – Height 15-45cm, flowers Apr-Sep. Likes damp woodlands. A good nectar plant.

Wood Forget-Me-Not