The plants in this section are reeds, grasses, sedges, ferns and hops. The types are grouped together for ease of viewing.

Common/Norfolk Reed – Height 2 to 3m. Dull purple flowers Jul-Sep. Used to clean grey water and for thatching.

Common/Norfolk Reed

Branched Bur-reed – Height up to 1.5m. Found by slow flowing water, marshy ground etc.

Branched Bur-reed

Greater Pond Sedge – Height up to 1m, flowering tufts May-Jun.

Greater Pond Sedge

Pendulus Sedge – Height 60-150cm. Flowers June onwards.

Pendulus Sedge

Lesser Bullrush – Height 1m. Larger male ‘flowers’ (brown sections on stems) appear above the much smaller female.

Lesser Bullrush

Cotton Grass – Height 20-60cm, flowers Apr-Jun. Not actually a grass but a sedge. Listed as a Vulnerable species.

Cotton Grass

Golden Scale Fern – Height up to 1.2m. Prefers partial shade.

Golden Scale Fern

Hard Fern – Height 45-60cm. Old remedy uses included making a concentrated liquor from the rhizome to treat diarrhoea.

Hard Fern

Lady Fern – Height 90cm. Likes wet woodlands and shady pond margins.

Lady Fern

Royal Fern – Height up to 2m. Prefers moist soil in partial shade.

Royal Fern

Wild Hop – Height up to 4.5m. Flowers Jul-Aug.

Wild Hop