Amphibious Bistort – Height 25-50cm, flowers Jun-Sep. Part of the Dock plant family. Used in Easter Ledge Pudding (along with nettles etc.)

Amphibious Bistort

Basil (Wild) – Height 15-30cm, flowers May-Aug. The natural British wild basil as opposed to the varieties sold in supermarkets.

Basil (Wild)

Campion (Pink) – Height 30-60cm, flowers May-Jul. Normally found in shady sites although does well in full sun here. A white variety if also available.

Campion (Pink)

Corncockle (Pink) – Height 60-120cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Used to be considered a weed in cornfields and virtually wiped out as a wild plant. Listed as an Endangered Species. The white variety is listed in the white flower section.

Corncockle (Pink)

Deptford Pink – Height 30-90cm, small flowers Jun-Sep. Habitat decimated by modern farming and is now classified as an Endangered / Critically Endangered species in the wild.

Deptford Pink

Flowering Rush – Height 1m, flowers Jul-Aug. Not part of the rush family but a separate species.

Flowering Rush

Great Burnet – Height 45-90cm, flowers Jun-Sep. Grows in damp areas. Was found on the banks of the Hogsmill River in New Malden/ Berrylands but thought to be extinct there.

Great Burnet

Hedge Woundwort – Height 30-90cm, flowers Jun onwards. Likes light shade. Nettle shaped flowers smell strongly of garlic. Excellent nectar flower.

Hedge Woundwort

Hemp Agrimony – Height 60-120cm, flowers Jul-Sep. Likes damp areas. Good butterfly nectar plant. Also loved by hoverflies and shield bugs.

Hemp Agrimony

Honesty – Height 30-90cm, flowers May-Jul. Likes shade. Well know for the coin shaped seed pods used for flower arrangements.


Lady’s Smock – Height 20-25cm, Flowers Apr-Jun (pink flowers fade to white). Good source of nectar and butterfly caterpillar food. Also called Cuckoo Flower.

Lady’s Smock

Maiden Pink – Height 15-20cm, flowers May-Aug. Likes rockeries and sunny borders. Popular with butterflies and moths. Listed as Vulnerable/ Near-Threatened in the wild.

Maiden Pink

Mallow – Height 90-150cm, flowers May-Sep. Colour variations from light pink to deep maroon.


Martagon Lily – Height 90-120cm, flowers Jun-Sep with strong scent. Likes shaded woodland. Also called Turk’s Cap Lily.

Martagon Lily

Sanicle – Height 20-60cm, flowers May-Aug. Likes shaded woodland. Was used for treating burns in France.


Snakeshead Fritillery – Height 30cm, flowers Apr-May. Likes damp meadows. Used to be widely found but modern farming has decimated populations. Listed as a Vulnerable Species in the wild.

Snakeshead Fritillery

Spiny Restharrow – Height 30-60cm, flowers Jul-Sep. Loved by bees.

Spiny Restharrow

Sticky Catchfly – Height 30cm, flowers May-Aug. Listed as a Vulnerable / Near-Threatened species.

Sticky Catchfly

Water Avens – Height 20-40cm, flowers Apr-Sep. Likes damp places. Seed heads like raspberries.

Water Avens

Wild Cyclamen – Height 20-40cm, flowers Sep-Mar. Likes damp places. Hardy – survives snow.

Wild Cyclamen