Autumn Crocus – Height 10-20cm, flowers Aug-Oct. Likes damp grassy places. Also called Naked Ladies or Meadow Saffron.

Autumn Crocus

Saffron Crocus – Height 15-20cm, flowers Oct-Nov. Produces saffron, the most expensive spice per gram. Used to be grown commercially around Saffron Walden, Essex hence the town name.

Saffron Crocus

Autumn Squill – Height 15-20cm, flowers Jul-Sep. Dry soil in sun or partial shade. Listed as Near Threatened.

Autumn Squill

Devils Bit Scabious – Height 30-90cm, flowers July onwards. A member of the teasel family. Rich in pollen and nectar, popular with bees, moths and butterflies. Also called Bobby Bright Buttons.

Devils Bit Scabious

Michaelmas Daisy – Height 50-100cm, flowers Aug-Oct.

Michaelmas Daisy

Monkshood – Height 50-100cm, flowers May-Jun. Also called Wolfsbane and Aconite.


Selfheal – Height 10-30cm, flowers Jun-Sep. A good nectar plant. Traditionally used in herbal remedies, particularly for sore throats.


Southern Marsh Orchid – Height 30-50cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Grows in damp / waterlogged ground. Also called Leopard Marsh Orchid.

Southern Marsh Orchid

Verbena – Height 60-120cm, flowers Jul-Sep. Likes sun and well drained soil. Popular with bees and butterflies.