Angelica (Wild) – Height 1-2m, flowers Jun-Sep. Traditionally used for indigestion, rheumatoid arthritis and memory improvement. Also used to flavour gin and candied as cake decoration.

Angelica (Wild)

Bogbean – Height 25cm, flowers Mar-Jun, found in boggy ground. In Northern England it’s called Bog Hop as it was used for flavouring beer.


Clematis (Wild) – Height 4+m, flowers Jul-Sep. Climbs through hedges and trees. Also known as Traveller’s Joy, Tuzzy-Muzzy, Maiden’s Hair, Hedge Feathers and Devil’s Guts. It’s been used to treat various ailments including stress and skin irritations.

Clematis (Wild)

Common Valerian – Height up to 1.5m, flowers Jun-Aug. Prefers damp ground.

Common Valerian

Corncockle ‘Ocean Pearls’ – Height 60-120cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Several varieties/colours. Listed as an Endangered UK Species.

Corncockle ‘Ocean Pearl’

Cow Parsley – Height up to 1m, flowers May-Jun. Attractive to many insects. Also known as Wild Chervil, Wild Beaked Parsley, Queen Anne’s Lace and Keck

Cow Parsley

Hedge Bedstraw – Height up to 1.5m, flowers Jun-Sep. Grows at woodland edges and through hedges. Also known as False Babies Breath. A good source of nectar.

Hedge Bedstraw

Lily of the Valley – Height 20-30cm, flowers May-Jun. It’s a common woodland plant and has a beautiful scent. Beware – the sap is poisonous.

Lily of the Valley

Meadowsweet – Height 90cm, flowers Jun-Sep. Has a sweet smell and is a good source of nectar.


Moth Mullein – Height 1-1.2m, flowers Jun-Sep. Can also be pale yellow. A good source of nectar.

Moth Mullein

Nodding Star of Bethlehem – Height 15-30cm, flowers Apr-May. Also called Drooping Star of Bethlehem.

Nodding Star of Bethlehem

Common Star of Bethlehem – Height 15-25cm, flowers May-Jun.

Common Star of Bethlehem

Night Flowering Catchfly – Height 30-45cm, flowers Jul-Sep. Appearance is similar to White Campion. Flowers open in evening and night. Also called Clammy Cockle.

Night Flowering Catchfly

Nottingham Catchfly – Height 20-30cm, flowers May-Jul. Night scented flowers are attractive to moths.

Nottingham Catchfly

Oxeye Daisy – Height 30-60cm, flowers Jun-Sep. Also called Moon Daisy or Moonpenny because flowers appear to glow in the evening. The flowers were hung upside down in German and Austrian Houses to repel lightning.

Oxeye Daisy

Scented Mayweed – Height 15-60cm, flowers Jun-Aug. Likes sun and most soils.

Scented Mayweed

Snowdrop – Height 15-25cm, flowers Jan-Mar. Introduced to England over 200 years ago, List as a Near Threatened Species.


Summer Snowflake – Height 15-25cm, flowers Apr-May. Extinct in Surrey and rare in Britain.

Summer Snowflake

Sweet Woodruff – Height 15-20cm, flowers Apr-Jun. Prefers shady areas.

Sweet Woodruff

Tower Mustard – Height 30-100cm, flowers May-Jul. Classified as an Endangered/ Critically Endangered species.

Tower Mustard

Wild Garlic – Height up to 50cm, flowers Apr-May. Found in woodlands. Commonly called Ransoms.

Wild Garlic

Wood Anenome – Height 20cm, flowers Mar-Apr. Liked by hoverflies. The county flower of Middlesex. Also called Windflower, Grandmother’s Nightcap and Moggie Nightgown.

Wood Anenome